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Harvest Wind and Income from your Land

Access the Feed-in Tariff (FiT), save on energy costs and earn extra income from your land.

You Can Trust Us – We've been Delivering for UK Landowners since 2010

We have a 25 year global heritage with 900 wind turbines worldwide and a growing UK track record.

Benefit from 25 years of engineering experience

Our FiT ready wind turbines are among the highest producing in the industry. Our dedicated UK service contract secures their performance for your business plan.

We’ve got your back!

We are so much more than a manufacturer, we can take care of everything from financing, feasibility and planning through to construction, commissioning and O&M.

Delivering for Landowners

Paul Hilyer Pig Farmer

Park House Farm,


The two Vergnet GEV MP-C turbines installed on my farm have been invaluable in offsetting my energy costs and in providing financial security with a guaranteed income for many years. Vergnet’s O&M service helps me manage costs, reduce downtime of my turbines and save time.

Paul Hilyer, pig farmer

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New Holbeck Farm

New Holbeck Farm,


“With rising feed costs, extreme weather, declining farm-gate prices and increasing energy bills, the Vergnet wind turbine provides a welcome additional source of revenue with excess power is fed into the grid. It has enabled me to control my energy costs and make savings.”

Ian Sharman, dairy farmer

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Ruchlaw Farm East Lothian

Ruchlaw Farm,

East Lothian

“Investing in renewables is a key opportunity for farmers. I feel they often underestimate how attractive an investment in wind can be. Pig farming is very energy heavy. We saw the potential of a Vergnet wind turbine as an attractive investment for the family business.”

Jamie Wyllie, pig farmer

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Earlsway Farm

Earlsway Farm,


The electricity from the 275kW Vergnet turbines enables us to control energy costs with excess power being fed into the grid.  We care about the environment so it’s good to know we are also providing clean power to homes throughout the UK.”

Richard Symes, arable farmer

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High Performance Technology, Services and the Best Return on your Investment

Our turbines deliver among the highest production yields in the medium wind industry, sustained by a dedicated local UK O&M service. This combination of top level service and performance delivers a very robust IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and makes our turbines one of the most attractive medium wind investments.

Our wind turbines are renowned for:

High Performance

Robustness and reliability

Access and transport

Ease of Installation and Maintenance