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Earlsway Farm

Bramfield, Suffolk

Earlsway Farm, Bramfield, Suffolk

Richard and Debbie Symes run an award-winning arable farm located in the scenic village of Bramfield in Suffolk. The couple are passionate about farming, conservation and the natural landscape with the farm recently receiving a highly commended ‘Natural England Award’.

Richard has been farming since 1976 and now farms 162 hectares of arable land within a stunning landscape featuring grassland, ponds, ancient woodlands, hedgerows and a thriving equestrian centre. The arable land is used for the production of wheat, oilseed rape (OSR), peas and linseed oil.

The Symes engaged ICE Renewables, a medium scale wind energy developer and one of Vergnet’s partners in the UK, to undertake a feasibility study to identify whether a medium wind turbine would be appropriate to help off- set the energy demand, enable the farm to promote the use of renewable energy and to help invest in the future.

The electricity from the 275kW Vergnet turbine enables Earlsway Farm to control their energy costs and make costs savings, with excess power being fed into the UK grid.

Earlsway Farm wind turbine

Richard Symes at Earlsway Farm – Vergnet GEV MP-C 275kW

Owners: Richard and Debbie Symes
Farm Business: Arable farm
Wind Turbine: Vergnet GEV MP-C 275kW, 32m rotor diameter, 55m hub height
Partner: ICE Renewables
Commissioned: May 2012
Operations and Maintenance: ICE Renewables

Richard Symes says: “Our overall aim for Earlsway farm is to produce products and services for people in an integrated and responsible, yet commercial manner. As a rural landscape, the farm has lots of local history, a wildlife habitat and it is a place of public and personal enjoyment. We care deeply about protecting this environment and the Vergnet wind turbine enables us to not only power the farm with a clean, natural resource but, by generating renewable energy for the grid, we are also helping to power to homes and businesses throughout the UK.”

Benefitting from the Feed‐in Tariff

Launched in 2010 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the UK Government Feed‐In Tariffs
(FIT) scheme supports energy production from renewable energy sources. It is a particularly attractive incentive for farmers, businesses and investors installing medium size wind energy projects.

Why Vergnet & the GEV MP C Wind Turbine

Earlsway Farm - Vergnet GEV MP-C 275kW

Earlsway Farm – Vergnet GEV MP-C 275kW

Vergnet wind turbines have one of the highest production yields in the medium wind industry supported by a dedicated local UK O&M service and full service package. This combination of top level service and performance delivers a very robust IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and makes its turbines one of the most attractive medium wind investments.

  • The GEV MP range
    The Vergnet GEV MP‐C is the guy‐wired model of the Vergnet GEV MP range of turbines, which is also available with a 32m monopole tower and in 200kW and 275kW models.
  • High Performance
    Vergnet’s production yields are among the best performing on the market in the medium wind sector.
  • Robustness and reliability
    Vergnet’s 25 year global track record and design experience has made the GEV MP a real world traveller, providing a trustworthy energy production during its entire service life.
  • Access and installation
    Vergnet’s GEV MP‐C wind turbines are designed to be shipped in standard sized containers and flat‐bed trucks (but for the blades).
  • UK Base and Full O&M Service
    Vergnet’s dedicated full UK O&M service ensures the company is close at hand throughout the whole process from planning to after sales services. Owners benefit from improved security for business planning as well as control of expenditure and optimum performance throughout the lifetime of the turbine.