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Park House Farm

Desford, Leicestershire

Park House Farm, Desford, Leicestershire

Paul Hilyer farms 400 acres and a growing herd of 300 sows at Park House Farm, Desford in Leicester. Whilst his busy farm is thriving, like many farmers, Paul has been impacted by rising feed costs, declining farm‐gate prices, extreme weather and increasing energy bills.

Paul commented: “With these factors in mind, I could see that wind energy offered a range of benefits to help combat there issues. The two Vergnet GEV MP‐C turbines, which have been installed in my farm, have been invaluable in offsetting my large energy costs, as well as helping to secure my farm business’ security with a guaranteed income for years to come.”

The electricity from the Vergnet turbines are used to power Park House Farm’s pig and grain storage units,
enabling Paul to control his energy costs and make costs savings, with excess power being fed into the national power grid.

Park House Farm wind turbines

Paul Hilyer at Park House Farm, Desford ‐ 2 x Vergnet GEV MP‐C 250kW

Owners: Desford Renewables Ltd
Farm Business: Arable and Pig farm
Wind Turbine: Two Vergnet GEV MP‐C 250kW, 32m rotor diameter, 55m hub height
Commissioned: 2013
Operations and Maintenance: Vergnet

He continued: “I’ve been nothing but pleased with the support provided by Vergnet since installing my wind
turbine in 2012. It made sense for me to take advantage of its new UK Operations and Maintenance Service
(O&M) ‐ as what could be better than this being undertaken by the actual turbine designers and manufacturers.”
“With my hands already pretty full, it’s comforting for me to know that if any problems should arise, I can
continue to take care of the business and Vergnet will reduce the down time of both of my turbines. From my
perspective, peace of mind is priceless, and knowing that Vergnet are on hand to help and offer a robust warranty
package makes future business planning much easier.”

Benefitting from the Feed‐in Tariff

Launched in 2010 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the UK Government Feed‐In Tariffs
(FIT) scheme supports energy production from renewable energy sources. It is a particularly attractive incentive for
farmers, businesses and investors installing medium size wind energy projects.

Why Vergnet & the GEV MP C Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines Parkhouse Farm

Desford – 2 x Vergnet GEV MP‐C 250kW

By choosing to diversify with Vergnet, Paul has been able to access the benefits of small scale wind incentive schemes in a hassle‐free way. He has been able to project and grow his farm income without the risks that are associated with developing a renewable project, ranging from planning, finance and grid connections.

Vergnet wind turbines have one of the highest production yields in the medium wind industry supported by a dedicated local UK O&M service and a full service package.

This combination of top level service and technological performance delivers a very robust IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and makes Vergnet’s turbines one of the most attractive medium wind investments.


  • The GEV MP range
    The Vergnet GEV MP‐C is the guy‐wired model of the Vergnet GEV MP range of turbines, which is also available with a 32m monopole tower and in 200kW and 275kW models.
  • High Performance
    Vergnet’s production yields are among the best performing on the market in the medium wind sector.
  • Robustness and reliability
    Vergnet’s 25 year global track record and design experience has made the GEV MP a real world traveller, providing a trustworthy energy production during its entire service life.
  • Access and installation
    Vergnet’s GEV MP‐C wind turbines are designed to be shipped in standard sized containers and flat‐bed trucks (but for the blades).
  • UK Base and Full O&M Service
    Vergnet’s dedicated full UK O&M service ensures the company is close at hand throughout the whole process from planning to after sales services. Owners benefit from improved security for business planning as well as control of expenditure and optimum performance throughout the lifetime of the turbine.