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Simple Power & Castlerock Children Celebrate Global Wind DayTo mark Global Wind Day 2015, which takes place on 15th June each year, our Northern Ireland partner, Simple Power, hosted an educational school’s visit to a Vergnet single wind turbine at Castlerock in County Londonderry.

Situated on the north coast, dairy farmer Ian Pollock installed a Vergnet 250kW GEV-MP wind turbine on his farm land in 2014 to harness the natural power of coastal winds to generate energy for the Northern Ireland grid.

The farm is home to the locally famous Braemar Farm ice cream and the children learned about wind energy while indulging in Ian’s delicious produce.

Working with Simple Power to install the turbine, the clean energy generated by the Braemar Farm feeds into the Northern Ireland grid and is helping to power homes across Northern Ireland with clean energy.

As part of the annual Global Wind Day celebrations, school children took part in an educational session to learn how harnessing the power of wind can create electricity in their local area. The children also had an opportunity to take a tour of the 250kW turbine in action which stands at 32m and provides maximum regeneration capacity.

With over 25 years’ experience and 900 wind turbines installed, Vergnet continues to lead the way in renewable energy solutions throughout the UK and is proud to support global industry awareness initiatives like Global Wind Day with our UK partners.